Company Profile

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Company History

The City Rebar Inc. was formed in 1992 as a rebar estimating and detailing company. Incorporated in 1998, the company has grown from a single person working out of a home basement office, to an enterprise of over 20 professionals working in an 8,000 sq ft secure structure. Our client base is as varied as our reinforced concrete projects. We never decline estimating or detailing projects based on their size, and we have worked on some of the most challenging of projects.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our clients with accurate, thorough, reinforcing steel estimates and precise, reliable detailing for reinforced concrete structures.


Concrete reinforcing steel bar (rebar) is used in bridges, buildings, skyscrapers, homes, warehouses, foundations and roads to increase the strength of the concrete and ultimately help hold up the structures. While concrete alone is strong, reinforcing steel significantly increases the strength of concrete in an economical and safe manner. Determining the quantities of rebar required for reinforcement in concrete, along with the associated construction costs is the job of a rebar estimator. The rebar detailer is responsible for making rebar shop drawings that are used in the field by iron workers to construct the project.

Rebar Detailing Services:

  • CAD Placing Drawings in RebarCADS™ AutoCAD™
CAD Placing Drawings in aSa™ Micro Station™
  • Material Bar Lists in Multiple Formats
  • In-house document printing and scanning
  • We offer customer-specific FTP access for easy file sharing
  • Value Added With Experienced Detailers

Rebar Estimating Services:

  • Reinforcing Steel Estimating
  • Change Orders: An added value service for detailing projects
Conflict Resolution: A specialty service when parties need an independent review of rebar quantities and changes
  • In-house Document Printing and Scanning
Estimates using aSa™ Software
  • Customer-specific FTP Access for easy file sharing

Concrete Estimating Services:

  • Concrete Estimating
Change Orders: An added value service for estimating projects

Project Management Services:

  • Managing rebar shop drawings for outside companies

*We are a member in good standing with the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI), which exists to assist the design and construction professions in the best use and applications for reinforced concrete structures. The City Rebar, Inc. utilizes all available CRSI detailing and estimating guidelines. Our standards match those of the Manual of Standard Practice, published by the CRSI.


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